Experience Khitus, the exotic world of the Dragon Kings, a fantastic place of dunes and deserts, deadly monsters and dark sorcery!

Dragon Kings CD

...the concept album set in a fantastic and savage world

The Dragon Kings CDís twelve tracks tell the story of a single adventurer, a desperate warrior captured and enslaved to perform as a gladiator, ultimately driven by love and pride to escape and pursue his destiny across the wastelands. Hear what he hears, see what he sees, and lose yourself in a strange place of wondrous passion, courage, and magic!

...the large-format book of art, lyrics, maps and lore

Download the FREE PDF version of the Dragon Kings Gazetteer book and take a look!
World Book

...the savage world revealed, a book of wondrous lore

Read of the Dragon King Pretenders in their Black Fortress, of the factions and strange races vying for control of the wastelands and their sand-blasted cities. The Dragon Kings World Book tells many tales, many legends, and sets the stage for the many adventures to come. Dragon Kings is a complete setting for any fantasy role-playing game system.